Rewilding Experience (4-day)

Join us for a nature-packed experience at Dundreggan Rewilding Centre, where we will guide you on a long weekend of activities and outdoor adventures, immersed in the beautiful landscape of Dundreggan estate. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about local wildlife and plants, including tracks and signs, plant identification and much more. Experience rewilding in action and learn more about Trees for Life’s exciting projects to restore the Caledonian forest and return biodiversity to the Highlands. 

What you can expect

  • Introduction to rewilding and the work of Trees for Life
  • Guided walks for tree and plant identification, wildlife spotting, pond dipping, tracks and signs workshops and bird-watching
  • Natural crafts
  • Tour of the tree nursery
  • Film screenings of The Bough Breaks and Riverwoods
  • Evening activities involving trail cameras, bat detectors and night walks
  • Delicious, seasonal meals every day
  • Please note, this experience involves walking over rough, steep terrain, sometimes for several hours. Our leaders will go at whatever pace you need, and take regular breaks. If you do not feel comfortable with this, or feel your fitness may not be up to it, you may prefer our Rewild and Reconnect programme. Feel free to call us to talk this through.

Who is the Rewilding Experience for?

Adults looking to learn more about the nature and wildlife of the Scottish Highlands and develop a greater understanding of a rewilded landscape.

Sample itinerary

  • Afternoon arrival and check-in
  • Introduction to Dundreggan and rewilding tour
  • Free time
  • Dinner in Rewilding Centre cafe, An Nead
  • Film screening of The Bough Breaks
  • Breakfast in An Nead
  • Tree nursery tour
  • Tree and plant ID, including traditional uses of plants found on the estate
  • Lunch in An Nead
  • Pond dipping/minibeast hunting
  • Free time to explore
  • Dinner in An Nead
  • Night activities including trail cams, biofluorescence, night walk and bat detectors
  • Breakfast in An Nead
  • Introduction to Trees for Life’s rewilding projects
  • Longer walk in Dundreggan estate for wildlife spotting
  • Free time
  • Lichen and crafts workshop
  • Dinner in An Nead
  • Review trail cam footage followed by film screening of Riverwoods
  • Breakfast and check-out
  • Walk to riparian planting area and River Moriston
  • Lunch in An Nead and farewells