Introduction to Rewilding

Spend a long weekend at the world’s first Rewilding Centre in the beautiful Scottish Highlands to learn more about rewilding and why it’s so important for natural regeneration and biodiversity. Explore Trees for Life’s 10,000-acre Dundreggan Estate to learn from leading experts, see rewilding in action and leave inspired to start your own rewilding journey.

What you can expect

  • Explore Dundreggan with the experts who are making rewilding happen
  • Visit Trees for Life’s tree nursery where pioneering forest restoration begins
  • Discover rewilding with talks, films and visits to see it happening on the ground
  • Be inspired by experts and thought leaders in rewilding
  • Visit regeneration sites to see rewilding in action
  • Take part in workshops to support you in developing your own rewilding project ideas
  • Delicious, seasonal meals every day

Who is Introduction to Rewilding for?

Adults wishing to learn more about rewilding, explore practical examples in the Scottish Highlands and consider starting their own rewilding project.


  • Afternoon arrival, registration and check-in at Dundreggan.
  • Introductory walk on the estate with a tour of the tree nursery.
  • Free time
  • Dinner in the Rewilding Centre café, An Nead
  • Introductory evening events, including presentations and a film screening of The Bough Breaks.
  • Breakfast in An Nead
  • Introduction to rewilding films and talks with topics including wild trees, peatland restoration, regenerative grazing, keystone species and more
  • Lunch in An Nead
  • Various estate tour options, including visits to planting and riparian areas.
  • Dinner in An Nead
  • Inspiration from luminaries of the rewilding world
  • Breakfast in An Nead
  • ‘Exploring your rewilding options’ action planning session
  • Lunch in An Nead 
  • Various estate tour options including visits to planting and riparian areas.
  • Dinner in An Nead
  • Evening activities including a night walk, bat detectors and UV torches
  • Breakfast in An Nead and check-out
  • Action plan completion
  • Lunch in An Nead and farewells