Deep Time with Dan Puplett

Sunday 24 September 2023

10 am – 4 pm

Join naturalist Dan Puplett to explore Planet Earth’s mind-blowing 4.6 billion-year story as we walk 4.6km at Dundreggan. Every millimetre will represent 1000 years in the astonishing saga of life on our home planet!

Come along from 1-4pm to walk the full length of the beautiful Ceum an Fhraoich (Heather Path), which can be strenuous and steep at times, but the pace will be steady with plenty of rest stops.

Alternatively, join us from 10am-12pm for a lower-level walk of just over 2km on mostly level, well-surfaced footpaths.

Hear tales of the rise of life, mass extinctions, the evolution of countless organisms and learn where Homo sapiens fit into it all!

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Deep Time with Dan Puplett

Short walk: 10 am – 12 pm


The morning walk will be a lower-level walk of just over 2 km
along well-surfaced footpaths. 

Long walk: 1 – 4 pm


The afternoon will be the full-length walk along the beautiful Ceum an Fhraoich (Heather Path). This is a strenuous footpath, and steep in places.